community at large

Community at Large: Father and Son

A new addition to the community. There are more photographs of this fellow and his boy, but I have yet to string together who he is and what exactly his role in the camps was. In most photos the man is dressed impeccably well and noticeably cleaner than his peers. Might he be manager of E. A. Persson's employer? Or, just dressed well for a day in the city with his child.

In this classic real photo postcard, the man sits in a brilliantly constructed commercial photographers set made complete with a hand-painted mural of downtown Portland and majestic Mt. Hood residing. A three-dimensional stylized model plane finished with a twirling propeller seats the two as they fly high above The Rose City. 

I love these fun shots. This activity was obviously a novelty and a "must do" for logging community day outings. Crossing my fingers I'll soon be able to give this seemingly noble man a name.