Extended Biography


Eric Holger Pearson was born October 5, 1901 in Lit, Sweden. His father emigrated to the United States on May 12, 1903, settling in Longview, Oregon and began working as a carpenter in logging camps. In 1910 E. H. Pearson reunited with his father in Portland, Oregon. The family lived and worked in logging camps, eventually settling in Seattle’s Mountlake area in 1923. E.H. Pearson graduated from the University of Washington as an electrical engineer and worked for the Bell Telephone Company. 

E.H. Pearson was a lifelong mountaineer and carried his large format Graflex camera everywhere he went. This shop section on this site displays a select group of photographs taken from a collection containing over one-thousand. The photographs date mid-nineteenth century (Swedish) to early twentieth century (USA).  A majority of the photographic imagery depicts everyday life in undeveloped Pacific Northwest wilderness. 

In addition to the photographic documentation there is also a substantial chunk of historical artifact and ephemera; which includes hand-written real photo postcards, international correspondence letters and postcards, records, cameras and mountaineering equipment. 

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