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Here and Then

If you missed the last post, I presented over 150 patrons from the families Swedish homeland [Jämptland, County]. As the blog continues, we'll look ahead and introduce another chapter of the Pearson story. Soon after Holger Pearson graduated boarding school he left SW Washington's Cowlitz, County, to pursue a degree in electrical engineering at the University of Washington. 

Living in Seattle he met his wife, Mary Mueller-Pearson. The two made many trips into the PNW wilderness. Hal and Mary documented every moment they could. Below are just four shots from two large photo albums I'm currently scanning. More will photos will reveal the couples shared love for adventure and mountains. Enjoy the remarkable moments captured here. In forthcoming posts I'll characterize Mary Mueller-Pearson and her life-time devout advocation for conserving some of Washington's most treasured areas.