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What the population of Jämtland at the turn-of-the-century was I'm not sure, but here are over 150 members of the counties population, some dating to the late 19th century. These types of portraits are called Carte de Visite's, which were traded amongst family and friends. Many of the portraits are legibly signed and some dated. I will begin adding additional name tags and info as time permits.  While scanning these I noticed a handful of people who are pictured in the wedding photograph. The first block of photos has a mix of unknown's and select members of the Persson, Thilander and Eriksson families. I've been wanting to invest the time and scan all these, it's been well worth it. Enjoy!


7 Generations

Generation No. 1

1. Bus Nils Persson was born March 26, 1745 in Bengtsarvet, Solleron, Sweden and died September 29, 1824 in Bengtsarvet, Solleron, Sweden. He married Ingeborg Lardsdotter in 1775. She was born 1739 in Utanmrya, Solleron, Seden and died August 11, 1818. 

Child of Bus Nils Persson and Ingeborg Lardsdotter: 

i. Bus Pehr Nilsson, b.  February 18, 1776. Bengtsarvet, Solleron, Sweden; died May 13, 1832


Generation No. 2

2. Bus Pehr Nilsson was born February 18, 1776 in Bengtsarvet, Solleron, Sweden and died May 13, 1832. He married Anna Andersdotter. She was born January 10, 1790 in Bengtsarvet, Solleron, Sweden and died May 21, 1877. 

Children of Bus Pehr Nilsson and Anna Andersdotter:

i. Nils Persson, b. October 13, 1812

ii. Anna Persson, b. May 12, 1816

iii. Ingsborg Persson, b. December 23, 1819

iv. Karin Persson, b. December 14, 1824

v. Anders Persson, b. February, 22, 1828

vi. Pehr Persson, b. August 16, 1830, Nyby, Jämtland, Sweden; d. December 26, 1912, Lit, Sweden


Generation No. 3

3. Pehr Persson was born August 16, 1830, Nyby, Jämtland, Sweden and died December 26, 1912, Lit, Sweden.  He married Brita Olofsdotter April 17, 1859 in Lit, Sweden (daughter of Olof Persson and Kerstin Olofsdotter). She was born April 4, 1833 in Brevag, Lit, Sweden and died March 20, 1913. 

Children of Pehr Persson and Brita Olofsdotter:

i. Erik Andreas Persson, b. October 20, 1869 in Nyby, Jämtland, Sweden; d. October 1945, Seattle, WA

ii. Anna Persson, b. August 22, 1860, d. April 22, 1863 (3 yrs old)

iii. Chrisina Persson, b. December 18, 1861; d. April 13, 1863 (2 yrs old)

iv. Pehr Olaf Persson, b. June 8, 1863

vi. Nils Jonas Persson, b. October 12, 1867

vii. Erik Persson, Oct. 12, 1873; October 12, 1873 (1 day old)

viii. Brita Maria Persson, b. August 03, 1875; d. May 4, 1877 (2 yrs old)


Generation No. 4

Erik Andreas Persson was born October 20, 1869 in Nyby, Jämtland, Sweden and died October 1945, Seattle, WA.  He married Kristina Erika Thilander November 4, 1900.  She was born 1875 in Sater, Rodon and died January 28, 1902 (27 yrs old).  Erik Andreas Persson married Kristina Erika Thilander's sister Ottolina Thilander [1910] in Portland, OR. 

Child of Erik Andreas Persson and Kristina Erika Thilander:

i. Eric Holger Pearson, b. October 5, 1901, Lit, Sweden; d. March 1, 1985, Seattle, WA

Child of Erik Andreas Persson and Ottolina Thilander:

ii. Brita May Persson, b. April 28, 1910; d. October 13, 1987, Walnut Creek, CA


Generation No. 5

Eric Holger Pearson was born October 5, 1901, Lit, Sweden and died March 1, 1985, Seattle, WA. He married Mary Elise Mueller January 30, 1932 in Seattle, WA. She was born June 28, 1908 in Roswell, NM and died April 4, 1998 in Seattle, WA. 

Children of Eric Holger Pearson and Mary Elise Mueller:

i. Mary Lynn Pearson, b. March 21, 1938, Seattle, WA; m. Thomas Napier Hibben IV, April 11, 1959, Seattle, WA; b. December 2, 1933, Seattle, WA

ii. Christine Ida Pearson, b. June 3, 1946, Seattle, WA


Generation No. 6

Christine Ida Pearson was born June 3, 1946, Seattle, WA. She married Gary Andrew Simonsen November 30, 1968. He was born February 14, 1944, Seattle, WA.

Children of Christine Pearson and Gary Simonsen:

i. Renee Love Simonsen, b. September 24, 1969, Spokane, WA

ii. Garric Robert Simonsen, b. November 20, 1975, Spokane, WA


Generation No. 7

Renee Love Simonsen was born September 24, 1969 in Spokane, WA. She married Michael Larkin September 24, 1989.

Children of Renee Simonsen and Michael Larkin:

i. Katie Renee Larkin, b. January 25, 1995, Spokane, WA

ii. Ashley Larkin, b. February 28, 2001, Spokane, WA

Garric Robert Simonsen was born November 20, 1975 in Spokane, WA. He partnered with Heather Anne Shauvin in 2003 in Olympia, WA. 

Child of Garric Robert Simonsen and Heather Anne Shauvin:

i. Indie Laike Simonsen-Shauvin, b. February 3, 2013, Spokane, WA